My name is Erica Orr and I am an Austin, Texas based artist.
I did most of my growing up in West Texas and the San Francisco Bay area in California.
I have a BA from Washington State University and an insatiable appetite for learning.
I found art after college mostly, though the tendencies toward creativity had always been there.
My pets, in fact, inspired me to pursue art.

I really wanted some huge and cool paintings of them for my own house, and I had painted a couple of things here and there, for elective classes and my own amusement.

My dogs are all mutts so none of the "pre-fab" sort of things would do.   I decided I would just try it.
After I could not find any huge canvasses, I learned to make my own and then just started painting.

I must confess I was quite pleased with myself when I finished, and surprised, and relieved to have seemingly found a way to be comfortable in my own skin.

My famously short attention span somehow failed me and I discovered I can spend hours on end happily scraping away at a canvas with some brushes and paint.

Erica Orr - painter of animals extraordinaireMy babies, with their beautiful faces, boundless hearts, and healing spirits inspired me to attempt to capture some of the joy that they give me on canvas.

As it turns out, those paintings got a good deal of attention; everyone wanted one, then their friends saw one and had to have one, then some guy from work, or an aunt, or a boss, and before I knew it I was happily painting my days away.

Of course I also owe a tremendous debt to my insanely generous husband, Jeremy; the bravest woman on the planet, my mother, Cynthia; and my eternal role-model and hero, my sister, Amber, among many others who tirelessly encouraged me to succeed despite myself.