Have a look at what just a few of many happy customers have to say about the PaintedPups experience!

I LOVE IT!!! Duncan is perfect!!
Thank you so much.
-Lindsay C.
Thank you soooo much for the portrait of Otis. It is perfect.
I love the portrait you did of Ellie for LMR, and I'm so thrilled to have one of my special guy.
Hopefully we can meet sometime because I'd love to thank you in person.
-Alisha. L
That's it! Approved, accepted, delighted!
-Pam P.
It's wonderful. Absolutely beautiful.
-Karen S.
I am the owner of the 3 retrievers you painted, Cheyenne, Dakota and Sierra.
I just saw your website for the first time and wanted to let you know that the painting you did is now my most cherished possession (besides the dogs, of course). You did an amazing job. Thank you so much!!!
-Michelle B.
"Oh-my-gosh!! That's my Kodi (especially after a game of ball!). I'm speechless--it's PERFECT! Thank you SO much!!"
On Lucy:
"Yes, yes, yes!! Whatever that word is(!), you did it!"
-Lisa R.
I absolutely love it! [Wally & Sophie].
All the folks in my office are oooing and ahhhing.
On giving the painting to her husband:
"He absolutely loved it. It is currently above the mantle in his "man room".
He said that you nailed both dogs and wondered how I found such a wonderful artist."
-Teri H.
I think Devon is adorable!
I love the teal and the way that she has streaks in her hair – some highlights and some really the color of her hair.
-Janice P.
"The portrait is absolutely BEAUTIFUL - it's our Frankie in every way - down to the beautiful eyes!
My husband loved the Frankie Portrait (he is not easily impressed as he is an architect and has a good eye for such things...)
He thought Frankie was perfect., You know what is so cool?
With different lights the portrait looks different the shading changes etc. don't know how to explain it but it is wonderful."

"Sophie just arrived - absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
The colors are great, everything is great!
Thanks for another stunning art piece!"
-Rosi A.
I saw the picture and I love it! [chordelia]
I showed it to a friend and she thought it was great too!
I think its wonderful!!
You are very good at what you do, no doubt!
You really did an excellent job and I am very very happy with it.
Thank you so much,
-Gretchen P.
PNut has made it to the den wall, spot lighted and all.
She was the hit of a party over the weekend.
Thank you so much.
-Pam P.
Very excited, I want to give it to her right when I get it, I don't know if I can wait til Christmas.
I almost cried, it's perfect.
They [ Hershey, Mocha & Nestle ] are so cute, I love it love it love it.....Jeez, I already like the pics on your website, but I like this one even more, maybe it is cuz they are my doggies, who knows..regardless it is superb work, kudos to you!!

-Amanda U.
It’s Junior – ding-a-ling – ole’ guy so handsome!
I think you did an awesome job of capturing Junior – you got the mascara, the ear thing – and I forgot about his little lip that hangs down on one side, but you got that too!!!
The background color is great– good with his coloring and our home.
I think Mikey is going to love this and he is going to cry (he’s very sensitive) or laugh at me because I commissioned a portrait of the Boyjeah dog…
Well, this is a very special piece indeed – thank you so much!!!
-Erica J.

Mekare looks so beautiful.
You've captured that intense look she gives, that is exactly how she's looking at the camera in that picture.
I feel like she's here in the room with me when I look at that painting.
The colors are great too.
That blue is so rich and the green is perfect with the shade of green you chose for her eyes.
And yes it feels feminine,that's the theme I want to continue in my office.
It's the look in her eyes that you've captured that I'm most impressed with. wow!
-Lori B.